I know the kids have already blogged about their last day at school, but I just wanted to quickly say how proud I was of my blue team. Mil, Michael, Brandon, Allie, Meghan and Emilee. I wish you parents could see the exceptional work they did here. They were prepared and they really made an impact on the children. Every one of them left the school crying. Children were hanging on them crying. Each of them loved those kids without any expectation of getting anything in return. To experience feeling that kind of love that expects nothing in return is a rare life experience. 

And Now for Today....

We have just had another exciting day in India. We have been here long enough to feel like family. Which means hugs and punches. We have laughed together and been really stinky and dirty together. It has been really interesting to see the kids and adults let go of our regular lives and get to know each other on a deeper level and without the complexities of our home lives. When it comes right down to it most of us would not even mingle with the others back at home. We wouldn't have had any opportunity. And yet here we are mingling and loving each other. Today I sat next to Evan at breakfast because we have not had the chance to chat much. I learned he is hilarious, I rode a Yak with Lisa with the amazing Emilee taking my picture, Kicked Brianna and Amelia's trash on the paddle boats with my buddy Jody, got dizzy and laughed until my stomach hurt with Lydia, Taylor, and Brianna in the water zorb ball, Rode in a gocart with Mil while yelling the song "Born to be Wild", went through a haunted house with at least 10 YMAD kids with Tim scaring us, flew off an electric bull after being coerced to ride it by Brian, ordered Chinese food in the middle of India town square shopping center with Ruthanne's help, had a fun day of shopping changing out shopping companions multiple times, came back to the hotel for dinner where Kallie, Brayden and Michael had on their new buys, and then went to the hotel spa with Brianna and Amelia who got their first massages. Ended the day brushing out Amelia's gorgeous hair. 

Life is good and the water was hot today!

Amy Clark