we are one

india has changed me in the best of ways. one of my favorite things i’ve been reminded of this trip is how we are all humans. no one on this earth is better than another, we are all just uniquely different beings here for the same reasons. these kids that i have been able to teach this past week are so amazing. they have taught me much more about life than i could ever teach them. saying goodbye to them today was one of the hardest things you could ever imagine. i was doing pretty good until i had to say bye to Talla. she has such a sweet spirit about her, i can’t even begin describe it. i have so much love for her and i know that i was meant to cross paths with her.

one more thing i would like to share is how kids, especially young ones, are so good a sensing emotions and knowing when something is off. today babli, who hasn’t interacted much with me just walked up to me and held my hand. i could tell that she knew i needed that. i held her while watching the other kids play and she played with my hair. i’ll never forget her smile and those cute dark brown eyes of hers. 

i am so grateful for this opportunity to be able to experience those simple moments with the kids. i already miss Jibhi so much, it will forever have a special place in my heart. i am definitely coming back someday!

- bri oglesby