Duck, Duck, Loose!

Today is definitely a hard day to have to write this post. The last thing I wanted to do was leave my school, but at least I am glad for these moments I had with these kids.

In all my lessons there has been moments where I laughed and loved, but my favorite lesson I got to teach the kids was the Clothing lesson. After reviewing the vocab of what each article of clothing was called I played dress up with the kids and seeing the look on the kids face as they tried to put on the old American style clothing was priceless. They were so confused by the 90's style dress and silky pajama pants and they thought it was the funniest thing in the world when their friends had to put it on. I never thought I could be so entertained while teaching English!

A lot of the other favorite moments I had was at recess and free time before and after school which mostly consisted of swinging children around millions of times, giving piggyback rides, or playing "duck, duck, loose" (as the kids would call it).

With today being the last day I would do anything to go back to my favorite moments at the school or anytime with the kids. The time spent with the kids today was good being able to see their reaction to their gifts and teaching them how to use some of them. We were able to give each kid a backpack, shoes, socks, an art kit, and a hygiene kit. It blew me away that each kid was so excited about such basic things and that not one kid whined or mentioned anything if they got a black plain bag or a cute bright Barbie bag, they were simply happy for what they had received. 

After teaching how to brush their teeth, use some new instruments we got them and playing a last round of their favorite game "duck, duck, loose" we had to say goodbye. Lisa had told us earlier that saying goodbye to the kids we had to do it quick and was like "ripping the band-aid off" but I felt that even that was an understatement. As we stood in front of the kids taking turns saying our goodbyes I noticed Nana (one of our older sweet, shy, and most composed students) starting to cry. I was already emotional but seeing this broke my heart in half. And having to give last hugs to the kids as more kids, like smiley Hukuam Ram and crazy Tarzan also started to cry just made it all that much harder. I can definitely say that even though I barely met these kids and could not communicate with them fully I fell in love with each one of them. And I know it was the same for each person in my group, especially because even the two boys Mike and Brandon cried and probably even the longest.

Even though it was a really emotional day, it was another day in India so it was great!!! Hope everything and everyone back home in the US is doing good! Talk to you when I get home!

- Amelia Diederich