Swing Heil.

Man oh man. Leaving these kids is gonna rip my heart out. I’ve already cried because there aren’t any kids to call me Maddiemaddiemaddiemaddiemaddiemaddie after tomorrow and I feel upset about it. These kids have taught me so much about pure love and myself and I can’t even think about never seeing them again. OH MAN OH MAN HERE COME THE WATERSLIDES.

Alright, pull it together, back to me. My team is the best. Orange team for life. Lemme tell you about each of them.

Mady: MADYMADYMADY. Mady is honestly the best gal. She puts her heart into everything she does, whether it’s teaching or chatting with us or playing with the kids. She genuinely cares about each kid and everyone on our team and will listen to everything anyone says. Even if it’s really dumb and about some lame and unrelated problem I’m having, Mady is the gal to go to.

Emily: Sooo, Emily is the new RuthAnne and supreme leader (SWING HEIL). RuthAnne (our true dictator) isn’t feeling well so Emily is in charge (I don’t know who made the decision but IT’S FINE.) In all seriousness though, I love this gal and wouldn’t choose any other leader for us. Emily keeps us together. She knows what she’s doing and always has control of the situation, but she’s never afraid to let loose and have a rockin’ dance party.

Kallie: Kallie has given her whole heart to the kids and this whole expedition. She’s amazing with the kids and they love her so much, as do I, and somehow gets the kids out of their shell who won’t open up to anyone else. She’s a trooper and will play at 120% even if she’s not feeling 100%. She’s always there when you’re in a rut and she’s kind of like the teen mom of the group. (cuz we’re teens.)

Samuel: Oh, Samuel Bills Gwilliam. Sarah and Jeff, you guys have raised him well. I mean, he hit me a couple times today while I was trying to bond with my fav tree Derek (pics to come.), and my health has been put in danger multiple times from stupid dares, but he’s kind of the best. He’s such a softie (especially for Palvi) and is completely laidback when he’s teaching or playing ride that pony with everyone. All the kids here adore him, and so do I. 

Evan: *cough*Evan’s a nerd*cough*. But really, this kid is BRILLIANT. He knows literally everything except what hemisphere we’re in. He’s witty and a good conversationalist and super good with kids, and I have surprisingly enjoyed getting to know him. He has iffy music choice(my ears have been burned and I am scarred for life) but he does have some pretty dank moves on the dance floor. All in all, Evan, you’re the best. Thanks for being such a homie.

RuthAnne: RuthAnne is my mother now. She is always right there with whatever I was about to need but didn’t realize it yet, and will always lend an ear to my frustrations and confusions. I was quite disappointed when she couldn’t come on the hike yesterday or to school today, but am content knowing that she won’t miss tomorrow. I absolutely adore her and I am so blessed to have such an amazing woman to lead the best team ever.

Madison Kay Portrey: She’s a ham. She also needs to stop being so emotional all the time. Weirdo.

Guys, my team is amazing. I’m going to miss the car rides up the mountain together and all the bonding we’ve done in just four days of school together, but I feel blessed for the time I’ve had with them. I LOVE THEM AND INDIA AND I DON’T WANNA COME HOME but it’s fine. Swing heil. #wwII

-Maddie Portrey