Packing up!

This week has gone by way too fast. Although I am going to be very sad after we leave our schools for the last time tomorrow I have a hunch that the kids will take it well. Today I found out that my kids have better dance moves than I do! I was team leader today that is a very big job. I have a greater appreciation for what Lisa does for our expedition and what Tim does for my village team. Managing people is hard! I would like to think that I did a good job but inevitably kids will act out and there is only so much you can do when they don't speak English hahaha. I have loved my time here in India but I would like to take a moment to list some things I appreciate about home:

-I love showers that have pressure and heat

-I love washing machines and dryers

-I love my mother's cooking!!

-I love having an average amount of spiders in my life

-I love toilets that flush without a bucket of water

I will always remember my time here in India and These things are just part of the experience and without them it wouldn't feel real! Tomorrow we have to be out of the schools at 12pm to leave for Manali. I'm not packed up yet!!! Me and Tyler just cleaned our socks tonight and hopefully they will be dry tomorrow but probably not hahaha. The highlight of my day was when the kids got new sweaters and shoes!! They were all so happy and I got some great pictures and videos holding their new stuff. The older kids got green sweaters and the Littles got blue ones. Blue is Manish's favorite color so he screamed BLUUUUUUUUE BLUUUUUUE BLUUUUUUUUUUUE!!! of course joined in and soon we had a chorus of BLUUUE!!! Hahaha. We had a difficult time teaching the kids today because they are really comfortable with us now and we really had to use our translator Alka and the teachers to quiet them down. I helped Bri teach the Littles and it was chaos. Neha kept hitting people with a shoe strap while Mohit, Devender and the other boys kept running to the water hose and Simu kept running around with her little bum hanging out hahaha. I watched Minakshi squat down and pee her pants right next to the bathroom. I still don't understand why she didn't go into the bathroom but I guess Minakshi and my sister Brittany are kindred spirits!!! Hahahaha love you Brit! Shoutout to Teku for being the best driver ever and for helping us paint out mural and helping with the kids. He sure went above and beyond the call of duty!! Wish me luck! Tomorrow is going to be a day full of crying!!! Haha

P.S. Minakshi is the little girl whose picture I posted on my last blog

  • -Barden (Brayden Rasmussen)