Bit of Both

Hello again Americans. I don't really know what to say so I guess I'll just talk about school. Our school is called Bahu and has a lot of kids. Every day we teach 5 or 6 English lessons to the kids and then play lots of ball games or wrestle or spin them around in our arms. It's amazing how much the kids just love everyone on our village team so fast. One kid named Harshit (no not Horseshiz) is the oldest kid in school and acts like the older brother to everyone. He is very loving and super smart. Another boy named Lalit doesn't talk much but is so funny and likes to strike all these poses when you point a camera at him. One of the little girls named Sneha is super sassy and it's so funny. All of the little kids are super cute and Allie is straight up in love with Tejender (aka Transgender)  he is the one on my shoulders. Two of my closet kids are named Noveen and Tarzan. Noveen is so funny and he does all this Bollywood dancing whenever we turn on music and Tarzan always fetches the balls when they fall off of the cliff. Tarzan is the one I am spinning in the other picture. They both love climbing on me and holding my hands. I love all these kids and leaving tomorrow is gonna suck. They love getting tossed in the air and being spun all around.

Camp life is pretty fun too even though I kinda hate all the food except the soup and the French toast. They made French fries which were kinda bad but I still loved them because they were American. The other day Tim and Brayden threw a freezing bucket of water on Tyler and then blamed me and Sam. But since we are professional detectives we found them out and cleared our names.

We went on this dope hike in the Himalayas and you could see whitecaps across the entire horizon in every direction. The mountains are so beautiful and all the buildings are pretty crazy looking and the drivers here are way insane. We leave Jibhi tomorrow which means are trip is almost done but it has been so much fun.

Love ya guys and hopefully I won't be dead by the end of the week.

-Brandon Cragun