Look Up

Bitter sweet are the moments here in India. Knowing that the little girl sitting on your lap, so humbly, will have more opportunities now. Soon followed by the fact that we are closer to leaving then we were 24 hours prior. I never want to leave and I think that goes for all of us here. Their smiles, their giggles, even their cries pierce our hearts and our minds. My experience here has been more impactful than I ever thought possible. 

Easter Sunday started off with our wonderful leaders (who go above and beyond what is expected of them) hiding probably 100+ eggs for an Easter egg hunt for all the youth (even if all the Indian people were very confused at what we were doing, LOL!). We continued our day by hiking on the top of Jalori Pass (over 10,000 feet in elevation). I never thought anything could be so beautiful, and if you haven’t heard it before, Utah’s mountains are nothing compared to these—I promise. 

At home, it’s so easy to be carried away with the busyness of life, my advice to you all at home is to simply look up. Some of the most beautiful sights that I’ve seen this past week have been from looking up into the trees and seeing the sun beam threw. I’m glad that I have a good camera here to capture some of these moments. But the best moments I save, putting down the camera and just living in the moment for myself and nobody else. 

½ way around the world is a place called India but more importantly a place where we will be leaving a portion of our hearts. Forever and always I will think of you, thank you India. 

-Emilee Ann-Marie Van Maren