11,000 feet up

Happy Easter! I can't believe that we are already at the half way point. Tuesday is our last day at school and I am so not ready for it. Last Thursday I was able to help Jody with the medical exams and I loved helping my kids through it. Jody is so sweet and you can see all the love she has for them, but like any trip to the doctor some of my kids were a little stressed. I worked with them on breathing deep so she could listen to their lungs and helping them take their sweaters off and on. These kids have my whole heart and I don't know what in going to do when I can't teach anymore. My team painted a mural on our school of the world and last minute we decided to put our hand prints down low at the bottom of our masterpiece. Our kids love to high five us so now they can even after we are gone. 

Today has been absolutely amazing. We started the day off with a trip to a Jibhi temple where we were blessed with safe travels and given bracelets for protection. The rest of the day was spent 11,000 feet above sea level with the most breathtaking view I have ever seen. The mountains went on forever. I wish there were enough words to describe how amazing the day was. There are so many people to love in the world and until now I've only ever thought about a few. India continues to amaze me, there are so many towns and villages that you never would have imagined existing until we stumble upon them. YMAD is more then I could have ever hoped or imagined for. The things I've experienced here in India are moments of my life I truly can't put into words. 

All the love, 

Hannah Jenkins

PS Mom I got your letter and the tears started the second I saw the decorations on the envelope, Spence your PS left me smiling and crying like a baby, and Matt your sweet note really hit home. Thank you all so much, you guys are amazing and you have no idea how much this means to me. I'm going to read them everyday till I'm home. Hope you all have a happy Easter.