Just be and fear not 

    I don't really know what to say except, HI!!  And I love it here. My kids at the school are the cutest, and they just make me smile every time I think of them. I've heard that you always have your favorite kids, but i just love them all. I have a special relationship with some. Like a girl named Sneha she is the cutest girl and i love her she is always so happy and loves to be held. She is also the smallest 8 year old ever, yes all the kids are like up to my knee. She has the most pure smile and is so happy with what ever she has. She comes to school with like the worst shoes and is so happy. The kids love to play games; when we got to the school the kids were playing a game that is sort of like soccer and volleyball put together. When the ball would fall down the cliff a kid named Tarzan, yes, Tarzan would run down to get it. He is the fasted kid i have ever seen!!!  We taught then duck-duck- g(l)oose and we play it every time we have break. We take lots of pictures and the kids Always say " but Madame Gee one more picture.... one more" and it melts my heart. 

    Since Meghan is a little hard to say, apparently, it turned to mega then meggy so now i go by megggy. 

    My time with YMAD has been the best and i have been waiting for nine months to come on this journey and I am taking in every second. I love my whole expedition and the people in it. We have these all these amazing volleyball games that get crazy.  I have the most awesome henna. But today Tim and Tyler and ran played this prank on us we saw that the fire thingy was covered with a rock and he ran said that it was a tradition that they were going to make a sacrifice, an animal sacrifice, and we had to be there and i had no idea what to think and then some things happened and it was really funny and bad. I'm not good with words, but i love it here and i cant believe a week has been over and we have a week to go. Ive had so many experiences that won't fit on one page and in 30 min of writing. 

Don't worry be happy, love you mom and dad. 

Meghan Clinger