I Am Babli...Hear Me Snore!

There hasn't been a moment in India that I don't want to forget. Like when Ramilla and Aarti spun so fast around my fingers that they fell into me, or when the children work so hard to get an English word right and are so proud of themselves when they do. Another moment I never want to forget was when little 3 year old, Babli fell asleep in my arms. These little moments add up and have made me the happiest I have ever been in my life. 

Thursday was an eye opening day for me. After one lesson I had taught I felt so beat down on myself and felt like a failure. I didn't feel like I was making the impact I could on the children. I tried to hide it inside, but just had to take a moment to myself and let a few tears fall. When we were saying goodbye that day, Aarti ran to me and jumped in my arms. At that moment I was relieved and felt nothing but love when she wrapped herself around me. The drive back that day I watched out the window. In that moment I looked back on the work I had put into India and knew it was all worth it because I felt so loved by the people I am with and the children that make me so happy to just to be thinking about.

Today we had the culture exchange. We watched some dancers perform first and after about 20 minutes of the dance they were doing I joined in! The dance went around in circles for about 45 minutes. After they were finished we had our turn to sing our group song, and have separate duets.

Raj today was cruel! We were going to do Bollywood dancing so he covered the fire pit so nobody would fall in. When we asked what it was covered for he said there was going to be an animal sacrifice. Yeah.... I believed it. 

I lost "what are the odds" with Brandon twice now. One out of 12 and the other out of 50. I am suppose to post this picture, but when he finds out that I didn't...... Well bye family! 

Love you MTWCT

Paige Burton