Cricket and Crying

        Today involved every single emotion in existence for a lot of us. It started with the cultural exchange, where we had the wonderful opportunity to watch two little boys jump into the middle of an Indian dance circle and jump around with swords. Adorable. 

          Later we played a game of cricket, which I personally didn’t participate in, but it was interesting to watch. I spent the entire game playing with a little girl that I met named Rachel. Her and her dad lived a bit down the road, and I’m glad they drove up to Jibhi Camp because she was the cutest little two year old ever. Rachel was proud of her little bracelets and nail polish, and kept smiling and showing them off every few minutes. It’s so fun to play and talk with the kids here, even though we don’t speak the same language, we still can communicate so easily, and it’s still some of the most genuine connections I’ve ever had. 

          On a sadder note, today there were a few of us (including myself) who cried hard and planned to run away. In case anybody hasn’t mentioned this in their blog yet, there are countless stray dogs that just roam around India, and we have three who hang around our camp, whom I’ve gotten very attached to. As we walked back up to the camp from playing cricket, four nameless people (I probably shouldn’t throw them under the bus on the internet) sat quietly looking down. When we asked what was wrong, they got fidgety and sad. They proceeded to say, “So, the locals are planning on doing an animal sacrifice right here, and it would be extremely disrespectful to say no, so attendance is not optional”. Some of us cried together, and cried even harder once they told us the sacrifice was going to be one of those previously mentioned stray dogs. Mill and I ran into the tent bawling, and made a completely legit plan to take the dogs and run away. We later found out it was a cruel prank, and I am currently planning revenge.

          This expedition is amazing, it’s definitely not easy, but it’s worth it. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else with any different people.

Taylor Wilkes