The adventure of a lifetime

The experience so far has been a roller coaster. I won’t pretend it’s all been extravagant scenery and love all around. There have been many times we have been tried and tested, and many times I have thought of home’s comfort and wanted so bad to have it back. But that is what makes this experience, right? To sit in our discomfort and taste it; to be fully and extravagantly human in every possible way. We didn’t pour hours and hours into this and spend hundreds of dollars just to fly down here and stay in a plush 5-star hotel. We came down here to experience India in every fiber of this country, to breath it all in; discomfort and all. But it has been an amazing experience, there is no doubt. 

There are giant spiders here. We found one in my room that was five inches long. We killed it with a flip-flop, but i’ve been keeping my eye out for more. When I sleep I put a blanket over my head to keep the spiders out. Those ones in the USA don’t seem so scary anymore. India might have cured my fear of small spiders.

We don't really have hot water here. Cold showers are regular, and sometimes we don’t get water at all. We have to shower with our flip-flops on to not get diseases. We can’t drink the water here and we get all of it from a water filter in the camp. It’s a far fetch from home but that is why I love it here.

Monkeys run wild on the side of the road and weed grows everywhere. Lisa will probably edit this part out because weed is inappropriate and i’m a bad kid:( Stray dogs are everywhere. The houses are all colorful and the Himalayas are incredible. Our school is near the top of a mountain and we have a perfect view of all the contour farms and the white capped mountains, so much taller than anything in Utah, far in the background.

Our kids are so cute. They hang on me and refuse to stop holding my hand. The other day I swung one kid around by his arms and all the kids wanted a turn. They kept fighting each other and trying to grab my hands. I probably swung 60 kids in all. My arms were so tired and I could barely stand up after. They warmed up so much to me so fast. It’s hard being a teacher but moments like that make it all pay off.

India so far has been really fun, really uncomfortable, and a truly profound experience. This is something I wish I had done so much sooner. I miss you guys a lot but i’m loving every minute here. I hope things are going well down in Utah, but you guys don’t have giant man killing spiders and wild monkeys.

Michael Guynn