seeing things in a different light

half the traffic here is cows and goats. yesterday as i was teaching animals, i held up the goat flashcard and right then a baby goat jumped into my lap! the spot i chose to teach in is next to a dirt path and at least three times a day a huge herd of cows and goats come walking by. i decided to use this and incorporate them into my lesson. but yesterday, the goat jumped into my lap at the perfect time. our translator quickly picked it up and threw it back. but the kids were so excited and yelling “goat goat goat!!” 

so basically, india has changed my life forever. the kids here are so happy and i never want to leave this place. every morning we walk out of our hotel room to the prettiest view of a river and colored buildings built into the himalayan mountains. all the cares of the world are gone and all we need to worry about is how well our lesson will go for the kids. when we get to school the kids get so excited and greet us with high fives and “good morning” in their cute indian accents. today, our lessons included fun crafts and nature walks. the kids were so hyped up. it was difficult to keep them together and focused. after getting through the lessons we were playing around and all the kids ran up to me and wanted me to throw them around. there was one boy, shravan who would not let me put him down for the longest time. i was exhausted but at the end of the day they came up and gave us the biggest hugs and kisses and said “i love you!!!” it made me realize how rewarding everything i am doing is and how hard it will be to say goodbye to them in a few days. these kids own almost nothing but are so loving and accepting no matter how awful i look or how badly i mess up my lesson. they help me see things in a different light. 

Amelia Christensen