Rockin’ Out Never Felt So Cool!!

Blue Village Team came in to Bahu School with a bang. I was overwhelmed with how excited they were on the first day and have been every day since. Our school is the furthest away from school so we usually leave about 40 minutes before school starts. We jump in the car with our driver, who puts on Indian music and we rock out using dance moves we learned from our student Noveen. 

Brandon or as the Bahu school students call him Brando is the king of flash cards. He is like a drill Sargent with the kids and they are really learning. He makes all of these funny sounds and movements. The kids do it exactly how he does it. He makes me laugh. The kids swarm him. Last night we had what Brandon calls the best soup ever made. He had 3 bowls of it. The funniest thing is he closed his eyes tight on every single bite. Everyone treats him like their brother. He always has scrapes and bruises. When I ask him where they come from he says I don't know stuff just happens. Brando says he loves the soccer volleyball cricket game the kids play. He jumps right in at the beginning of school. Today we painted our mural and he did the border which had kids all the way around it. How he got paint all over his face and arms I don't really know. I think he is the biggest Awesome surprise as I have been getting to know him. He doesn't try to be the center of attention, but people love to be by him and watch him. 

Meghan always knows what is going on. She's also the first person to compromise and come up with solutions that work for everyone. I think she will grow up and be in charge of something big. She talks to everyone. She treats everyone the same. The kids call her Maggie. I can always count on her to remember anything I ask her to do. She never has excuses. She is always prepared with her lessons and does an outstanding job with the kids. They love her. When she did the lesson on taste it was so fun to see her laugh so much with the kids. She is very mature, but the kids treat her like their pal. I like that she never wants to settle she wants to do it right. I am so happy I get to be her village mom. Oh and I can't forget she is the queen of hair! She has been in charge of my hairstyles. The Indian ladies told me my last hairstyle done by her looked smart! I wish I could take her home! 

Michael has the biggest heart. When I think about Mikie I actually get a little choked up because he has really grown during the time we've had on this expedition. The children absolutely adore him. They kind of treat him like a mountain. They climb all over him. Last recess he had a kid hanging from each of his arms and he was swinging them around. He has really stepped it up in India. He always asks if I need help and is extremely respectful. I know he will do anything I ask him and never complain. I was really impressed with a comment he made about the the day yesterday. He was one of the few kids whose lesson ran a little short and I asked him if there was anything we should tell YMAD about the lesson to improve it and he said that he wouldn't change a thing because it made him stretch to figure out how to make it work.  Can we say Random comments on the jeep to school!! Just love this young man! 

Emilee is fearless. She walks in to a room and makes things happen. She definitely has her own opinion and she isn't afraid to share it. It has made for some pretty interesting conversations on our drive to our village school. She pushes people to be more committed. It's awesome. She expects the best out of herself. She is the team photographer which means most of her pictures are about someone else. We have been here a week and she has over 3000 pictures. Seriously! Which says a lot about what a good person she is. Today I heard her talking about her parents during our jeep ride and how good they were and how hard they worked. Every parent wants that kind of respect. The kids love Emilee especially when she plays stop and go with them outside. They rarely stop they just want to hug her. Can't wait to see what she does next! 

Mil has so much energy. Wow! I think she has a personal quest to make sure every child remembers everything she is teaching. It is so important to her. When the kids rotate and she comes to her class they are so excited. Mil Mil Mil. She is so animated with the kids. Every day she asks me if she can add something more in to her class. She just has so much enthusiasm. She never complains. She is always making the kids laugh. Yesterday she made a lesson even more fun by having them dress up in clothes to teach clothes. Even the adults in the school were telling me how funny it was. They just cracked up when the kids were putting on shorts. She has a world view of people. She knows we are all part of one big family. She is a great example to the team. Beautiful girl, I adore her. 

Allie is like an onion. She has many layers. Just when I think I've seen the coolest part of her she does something else amazing. How can one person be good at so many things! I think she is the most excited every morning. She always freaks out when we pull up to the school and all of the kids are hanging over the wall waiting for us. Allie made our mural come alive with her amazing sea creatures. Good at art too! She is so helpful and steps up to get things done. She also has really good ideas. She is a natural leader, but doesn't need to be the center of attention. She probably gets picked the most when we play duck duck goose with the kids. When she runs I crack up because she laughs and squeals the entire time. It is so hilarious. I'm expecting many lives to be changed because they had Allie's influence. Amazing!!

I am so grateful for the privilege to hang out with these superstars. They make me laugh! They make me feel young and they inspire me! I am loving taking a step away from my hectic life and being present in the moment. Big Hug to my Family and Friends. Wish you were here with me!

Amy Clark