Duck, Duck, Loose


    I can’t believe that just last week I didn’t even know my kids. Now they’re all I think about. This morning I woke up at six o’clock and couldn’t go back to sleep because I was so excited to go to school. That has never happened. Ever. I come home from school and think about how excited I am to watch subjects click in their brilliant little minds and how excited I am to twirl them in circles and pick them up and hold their hands and look down at their smiling faces. I love them so much. SO much. I would gladly make tens of thousands of more pies if I could just stay here a little longer. (Sorry if that made you cringe, Mom.)

    My kids are perfect. They are straight up the cutest people I have ever seen. Their accents are adorable. I was teaching them the words “funny,” “flat,” and “fat” yesterday but with their accents it sounded like “punny,” “plat,” and “pat.” And when they play Duck, Duck, Goose they say, “Duck, duck, loose.” My heart explodes every time. When we play Duck, Duck, Goose the kids want us to choose them so badly. As I run around the circle they reach their arms out and yell, “Madam Jig! Madam Jig!” Choosing the goose is quite possibly the hardest thing anyone could ever do. Once I was sitting next to Harshit in the circle and he started whispering to me in Hindi and pointing to himself, wanting me to choose him if I got picked. Haha… their chatter in Hindi makes me so happy. 

    They repeat everything you say, which is adorable. I said “Aye aye aye” once and they all repeated it. I was combing my hand through my hair and looked down to see six little kids doing the same. AHHHHHH they’re so cute.

    I’ve become real buds with this boy named Hakum Ram. I will be walking around and I’ll see him out of the corner of my eye and smile at him, and he just grins so big and looks at the ground. I chase him around the school yard and he laughs so hard. Tegender is easily the cutest little boy to walk the earth. He was sitting on my lap while the drone was flying around and taking pictures of us. His eyes were so big with awe as he whispered in Hindi. Tarzan is the goofiest little kid, but he’s so smart. I got to teach him twice yesterday and I was so proud of him because he remembered everything. I held up a picture of a muddy hand and he said, “Dirty! Dirty!” while he plugged his nose. 

    At recess we go nuts. In all the pictures my face is so red from being sunburned and sweaty from chasing people and spinning them, but I hope you can tell that I’m so happy. There is always someone holding my hand. Sometimes they try to bite or hit each other to hold it, and I mean I don’t condone violence… but to be loved and wanted like that is so wonderful and new and ahh. 

    They are so kind and respectful. Tarzan got the taste lesson today and walked up to me with sugar and lemonade powder on his fingers wanting to share with me. And I tasted it because my love for Tarzan is so much more than my sanitary standards. Bhouvneshvari gave me like half her bag of chips at lunch. I wish everyone could show love like that. 

    Okay so I’m obviously addicted to the children, but India overall is great too. Waking up to birds and a stream running and the smell of curry and chatter of Indian kids walking to school and everyone Asian squatting everywhere has just completed me. Ahhhh I love India.

    And to my family and friends, I love you guys too! I keep thinking about you and how you got me here. I’m so thankful. This is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I can’t wait to tell you everything and show you so many videos of my brilliant little kids and just talk for hours and hours and hours about this. I love you. I’m happy. This is the best.

Allie Oniki