i’m here in india!!! it feels like i’ve waited my whole life for this moment. jhibi has forever stolen my heart, it’s the most beautiful place you could ever imagine—straight out of a fairytale. 

my school has the brightest, cutest kids on this planet! each one is so special and unique i can’t even begin to describe how much they all mean to me. all 22 of them have stolen my heart and my everything!

i love my village team so much! we all connect so well together and that has definitely made our school experience so much better. it only took us half a day to make a strong connection with the kids here and it just keeps on growing. the first day of school it took us like at least 15 minutes to say goodbye to all the kids at the end of the day. they would walk down the hill and then yell at us and ahhh they’re just so loving and amazing individuals.

one of the funniest moments of this trip has to do with this one kid named Lalit, who’s probably 3 years old. one word i can use to describe him is swagger. the second day at the school we were watching the kids do their morning rituals and Lalit rolls in late. he doesn’t just quietly walk in though, he struts in swinging his arms back and forth walking in like he owns the place. the best part was that he walks straight past his teachers and the principal, not even glancing in their direction, and walks to his spot. he’s such a funny guy!

i would say the best part of today was when the kids could use words to communicate with us! thanks to Brayden they love to say ‘hi how are you’ and love responding too. they also know ‘up’ and ‘down’ thanks to the many parachute games we’ve played. and they also love the words ‘around’ and ‘faster’ because it means that we spin them around, which can be very tiring but so worth it to make the kids happy. we’re probably the closest thing to Disneyland that they’re going to get while they're young.

hi mom! i love and miss you! say hi to jessica, max, ev, and dad for me! happy birthday marissa! hi rest of the fam! love you all! i’m never coming home so i probably won’t see you at the airport ;)

bri oglesby