Joy on Top of the World

Your teens are doing a fabulous job teaching and loving the children at their village schools! What a privilege it is to work with them! One of my favorite things to do here in India is to visit each village school and observe these young leaders in action—boys acting as human jungle gyms, chants of “Ride That Pony” and “Duck Duck Goose”, stories and crafts, hugs and laughter. Joy and love abounds in this little corner of the world!

Just so you know where each of our YMAD Teams are working—

Outstanding Orange Team. Led by RuthAnne Noel. Teaching at Seri School. Emily Lunt, Evan Stolfa, Kallie Brown, Maddie Portrey, Mady Eyre, Sam Gwilliam.

Bodacious Blue Team. Led by Amy Clark. Teaching at Bahu School. Allie Oniki, Brandon Cragun, Emilee Van Maren, Meghan Clinger, Michael Guynn, Mil Diederich.

Radical Red Team. Led by Brian Noel. Teaching at Binni School. Amelia Christensen, Easton Ballard, Lydia Lowe, Taylor Wilkes, Tyler Brown.

Keen Green Team. Led by Tim Scanlan. Teaching at Hidav School. Brayden Rasmussen, Bri Oglesby, Hailey Haslam, Hannah Jenkins, Paige Burton.

Another experience I treasure is to accompany the Medic to the prenatal and newborn care classes each morning in the different villages. I love to observe, photograph and be in the midst of the beautiful Himalayan women as Jody teaches them, and we learn from them as well. They live simple lives without any of the comforts or conveniences we have, yet I feel a touch of heaven as I sit among these gracious and lovely women.

Last night after dinner we discussed the definition of happiness, and how it is different/similar for the children in India than it is to us in the U.S. Your teens shared amazing insights! We learned from each other that happiness does not depend on what you have, but who you love. Happiness comes from within through service, unselfishness, gratitude, and looking outside yourself. Comparing yourself to others (especially on social media!) kills happiness. Connecting, sharing with and loving others increases happiness. We are in awe at the pure happiness we have felt as we are here with the Indian children! They definitely teach us more than we teach them!

We read your blog comments every night during dinner, and the teens love to hear from you. Keep those blog comments coming! Thank you for sharing your amazing teens with me this year. I deeply love each and every one of them!

Lisa Palmer

All but two of our team at the waterfall near Jibhi camp.

All but two of our team at the waterfall near Jibhi camp.

Himalayan Traffic Jam!

Himalayan Traffic Jam!