“Height me, ma’am”

“Height me, ma’am”

OH MAN. Guys. India is the probably most amazing place I’ve been in my entire life. This place is absolutely GORGEOUS. I’m honestly in the most beautiful place with the most beautiful people. MY TEAM IS THE BEST I LOVE EVERYONE WOW.

(btw I am currently outside and my fingers are frozen so I’m not typing fast and I’m also trying to sing every song everyone is playing on their musical instruments in a southern accent and Easton is singing screamo in my ear and that is distracting me so we’ll see how this goes.)

Going to school today was AWESOME. I got to play games with all of them after lunch and it was so fun. I’m the biggest spaz I’ve ever met so I think that made them like me a bit. I’m such a weirdo so it entertains them.

At one point we decided to play jellyfish and get in a circle and they hold hands to get in a circle which is really cute. Anyway so we were getting in a circle and all the kids pretty much tackled me and would rip everyone else’s hands out of mine so they could hold mine and it was adorable. I FELT SO LOVED IT WAS SO CUTE.

When I was teaching my lesson I had to teach “yoga” and “india” and so some of the kids would go “YOGAYOGAYOGAYOGAYOGAAAAAAA” and “INDIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” and I had to have so much self-control and just hold back from joining in. 

There are two Maddie’s in my group so when some of the kids would talk to both of us I’d go “maddiemaddiemaddiemaddiemaddiemaddieeeee” and they would go around and say “maddiemaddiemaddiemaddiemaddiemaddieeeeeee” and I’d chase them around yelling that and now that I think about it that might’ve actually been just super freaky.

At the end of the day we stayed a bit longer after it was over and all the kids attacked me with high fives, so obviously I had to spice it up. We started doing “Chicka chicka boom boom” and we’d do two knuckles and two high fives. After a while Kallie started doing different voices with it and I started hauling through it and seeing if anyone could keep up with me. (they can’t, I still hold the record for fastest chicka chicka boom boom.) Then I started putting my hands really high so they would have to jump and when I would put my hands down they’d come over and say “height me ma’am” in their adorable accents and my heart pretty much melted on the spot. See ya to anyone who had hopes of winning my heart. It’s gone, melted on the dirt of my school. I’m gonna leave it there because this is the happiest I’ve been probably ever.

I’m also gonna leave this blogpost now. 

See ya.

Love ya fam.

Love ya Kenz and Sarah.

Maddie Portrey

p.s. shout out to Evan cuz it’s his half birthday and he literally can’t stop talking about it.