Madam gig (Madam g)

Madam gig is a name of respect the indian kids have for their teachers here in India, and having around forty indian children chasing you, laughing and yelling “ madam gig, madam gig, madam gig!” is the CUTEST THING EVER!

Today was the second day at my school and nothing could be more perfect. Right after breakfast we head to the jeeps for our forty minute drive to our school. The drive is jaw dropping for two reasons; the first is because of the views of the tall Himalayan trees and tariffs going up the side of the mountain, and the second is because of how many times we almost hit another vehicle or are inches away from the cliff, I love it! 

The teaching is going great, this kids are so willing to learn and are brilliant! Ugh, I just want to keep all of them forever! I have been thinking of ways to fit them in my bag, I want them to be my souvenirs. Even though they laugh at me for my crappy American pronunciation I already have gained such a love for these kids.

Besides the days we have had at the schools we have also gotten to go into town to shop, see a lot of cows, and hike to a gorgeous waterfall.  The two day journey (even though I was asleep the whole time) was beyond worth it for this trip!

Talk to you all later!

love Amelia Diederich