Let The Bodies Hit The Floor

Today I taught shapes. I think I should be a hired professional because I have never seen anybody teach shapes as good as me. I have traveled across the land searching far and wide to find the flash cards with the power that’s inside. I drilled those flash cards into their young minds. Rectangle. Square. Rectangle. Square. Circle. Oval. Circle. Oval. Repetition is key.

To get to the school that I’m teaching at, we have to go down a bunch of stone stairs. Leaving the school is the worst part of the day. I have to leave the kids and go on the ThighMaster 9000. I just love it. Great fun.

There is this one kid named Happy and he is happy all the time and he is extremely smart. There is one girl named Jasmine and she is a prodigy. She is 8 years old and leads all of the morning prayers and locks up the school when the day is over. When I’m reading a book to the kids she will read ahead of me and already knows what I’m going to be saying and she catches onto the lessons really quick.

Yesterday was the first day teaching I had a demon child. I don’t know his name but I call him Green Hoodie. He was hopping from desk to desk. I can’t speak Hindi so nothing I say works. Our translator that comes to the school with us had to restrain him.

Before I wrote this, I got my hair braided so that’s cool. Thanks Emilee and Mil. Lifesavers. Don’t know what I would do without you.

Easton Ballard