High Five

Wow. These past few days have been amazing. This experience in India is so much more than I ever expected. Teaching the kids is super fun and I wouldn't be surprised if I learn more from these kids than they learn from me. They are all really sweet and there is no communication barrier that can stop me from loving them. Most of them were pretty quiet at first but opened up really fast. When we play games in the school courtyard and all the kids are smiling, thoughts of problems back in the US vanish. I don't feel stressed at all here and that's awesome. Anyway, back to the kids. Even though I'm not much of a touchy feely dude, the kids fighting over your hands is awesome. They kids at our school are really smart too. They pick up on everything I teach them immediately and are really easy to teach. There are a few that like to wrestle and punch people. *Cough Vejay Cough* Even though some of them like to get distracted, there are others who are sweet. There is one boy named Ankush who smiles whenever I wave to him and his smile lights up the room. There is a really young girl named Palvi who is the sweetest girl. She is really fun to play with and it is always fun to teach her. There has been so much here that I have experienced that one blog post can't possibly hold it all. I'm posting some pictures, so I guess I'll explain what they are. One of them is me and the girl Palvi, one is the kids doing their morning prayers, and the last one is the view from our school. I love all of the plants here. And I mean ALL of them.

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Sammy G-Will (Sam Gwilliam)