3 Words: Loved, Honored and Progress

Wow. Where do I start? Today the kids at school ran out to meet us and we had 30 minutes to run and play with them before morning prayers. We are not suppose to have favorites but the oldest boys Ranjeet and Padmdev are so rambunctious and high energy and I can’t help but see myself in them. Today I taught manners to them and they saw my box of goldfish and they kept saying “Fish please, fish please!” they caught on to “Please” and “Thank you” real quick with goldfish on the line! hahahahaha! Whenever we were playing in the field the boys would swarm me and scream “Nieja me! Nieja me!” I assumed that meant up or something but they loved it when I spun them around, picked them up or just played with them in anyway. There is another little preschooler named Manish that has completely stolen my heart. He is so adorable and well behaved and always reached up for me but unfortunately he chose Hailey over me every time! hahahaha. I’m not bitter or anything….  Yesterday we had a very special opportunity to be honored by a local politician who visited our school and gave us a 30 minute speech about how intelligent the next generation of children are and how we are all brothers and sisters. They awarded us with orange scarfs and my friend, mentor and village team leader Tim Scanlan was asked to speak. He talked about how privileged we felt to be with them and how much of an honor it was to be honored in return. What he said next was the most inspiring thing I have ever heard. He said, “In America we have been given much, But one of our greatest gifts is being able serve you and receive your love.” I often have wondered why I am have been given so much while other’s have so little. Something I have learned is that everyone has been given something. Ranjeet, Padmdev, Manish and all the other kids at my school have little in terms of material possessions, But they make up for it in their capacity to love unconditionally, laugh uncontrollably and choose to see the good.

Brayden Rasmussen

P.S. Minakshi is a FRICKIN MODEL.