We are all smiles

This day was better than anything I could have dreamed of since I first joined YMAD. I got to meet my kids today and can already feel the impact they will have on me and its only been one day. The town our school is in, is a very tight knit community and about an hour into the school day we were told that they wanted to formally welcome us to the school. I expected the kids doing a little performance or something like that, but it was much bigger. A few of the elected officials came and welcomed us with traditional scarfs. They told us how blessed they are that their god would send us to help their kids. We later found out that they had paused a wedding to come and welcome us at our school. SO CRAZY! 

Weddings and ceremonies are great and all but the real highlight of my day was the kids. I was in charge of photographing all our kids with their name badges on so we could work on learning their names back at camp. I thought something like smiling for a camera was understood universally, but no matter what I did or said they did not get that I wanted them to smile for a picture. Today I was teaching about body parts (nose, legs, mouth, etc.) and after my hour of flashcards and playing with the various parts of Mr. Potato Head, it was time to move to the next group. I asked for a class photo before they left and they gave me the biggest, happiest smiles I have ever seen, they where glowing. Not only did they remember the words for teeth and mouth but they had the english they needed to understand what I was asking for. I couldn't have been prouder of my kids. They are so incredibly smart and they are all so eager to learn. Leading up to this, I had doubted the worth of all our meetings but now I wouldn't change them for the world. I love these kids more than anything and the phrase “give it your all” has never meant more to me then it does now. 

To top the day off we found out we are a five minute walk from the most amazing waterfall.  

All the love,

Hannah Jenkins