The Journey Behind Us and What’s Ahead

To say that the trip started off in a frenzy is an understatement.  After a several hour delay in Salt Lake we finally took off on the first leg of our trip to San Francisco.  There was question of whether we would make our next flight and our hopes rose when we were told that Singapore Airlines was planning on holding our connection for half an hour.  Just as quickly as it had come the hope we had slipped away when we realized our chances of making the connection are next to none.  Despite our slim chances of making the connection we all went sprinting through the airport desperately trying to reach the international terminal where our flight was.  We did not make it in time and we were forced to come up with an alternative plan.  Luckily our delayed flight was compensated with hotel rooms, and even though our stay was less than six hours we woke up the next day ready to embark on the 16-hour direct flight from San Francisco to Delhi.  We made this flight and flew east.  It became harder to distinguish the day from night as we flew against the rotation of the earth for 16 hours.  When we finally landed in Delhi we immediately exited the airport and met Raj, our Indian connection, and boarded the buses.  For me this is when the reality of the adventure and being in India set in.  After a 16 hour flight the impending 12-hour bus ride was hardly daunting.  We drove through the night and woke up to the beautiful landscape of Himachal Pradesh.  Finally, at around 9 am we arrived in Jibhi.  This past afternoon we were able to go shopping in Jibhi before we prepared more for our lessons.  I felt like an outsider in the town at first but as we walked the streets I began to be more comfortable.  All in all, the people here are very kind and hospitable.  I look forward to tomorrow when me and my incredible peers will head off to teach.    

With much love from myself and the rest of the YMAD Teens,

Evan Stolfa


Dear Mom,

I’m alive and well.