Bum Shakers

These past few days have been a dream. India is gorgeous, I wake up every morning in awe that I’m in such a beautiful place. I’m very tired but I have never been happier in my life. Today was our first day in the schools, my school was in Bini a place that YMAD had never been to. The kids are AMAZING. I love them already with my whole heart. They just give their love so openly to everyone. They will accept you with all your flaws and imperfections and love you to death. After seeing their bright smiling faces for the first time I knew I’d never forget them, never ever. They are so smart, some of the older kids are reading English books to us and translating for the other kids, it’s so cool. We haven’t been here for that long but so much has already happened. The kids are so beautiful, so happy, and so funny, today we were playing Ride that Pony, they didn’t really know what was going on and some would just wave their finger around or just shake their bum while staring into another kids eye’s haha, it was so funny. I love India and I never want to leave! The culture is incredible, everything is just so vibrant and full of life. I feel so alive, the experiences I’m having are for sure life changing and eye opening. Life is great, I have never felt more richly blessed and privileged. I just wish I could do more, but for now I’ll give them all the love I’ve got and put my whole soul into teaching. Thank you to everyone who has helped me in any way to get here. Love you mom and dad ❤

Lydia Lowe

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