*Beep Beep* it's okay guys they aren't being rude.

18 hour plane ride, 12 hours on a bus, & 2 hours in a car. Needless to say we are all a beautiful mess. Pure joy is felt with every breath that I take in this little town of Jibhi. The people here are so kind but also very curious, there is never a moment while traveling in India that you don't feel eyes on you, especially when you pass a truck with people jammed into every single corner (as seen in picture below). 

We are going to be doing amazing things that will hopefully not just effect the lives of the children but will surly be effecting each and everyone of us. I just want to get to the schools already and see their bright eyes and big smiles! 

The little moments are what hit me the most right now, seeing the prettiest dogs on the side of the roads, the stars peeking threw the clouds in the night sky, or even the sound of the running river right outside our bedroom windows. New memories of cars honking around the tight corners, fitting 3 cars on a one car street, and it wouldn't be india if I didn't mention the “Holy” cows. It almost makes you want to move here permanently… ALMOST. 

Our adventure beings now. We don't miss you yet, so don't worry. 

Emilee Ann-Marie Van Maren

Emilee V 2.jpeg