Sick and Sleepy Teens

We finally made it to India. After delayed flights, running to connections, missing flights, and lots of sick and sleepy teens, we made it. We no longer could fly to Singapore for our connection because we missed the flight, but we were able to get on a flight that went straight to Delhi. There was a little throw up and a lot of snoring, but it somehow still was very fun. 

Our 12 hour bus ride was interesting also. We met Raj (the most amazing person, by the way), sang songs, and slept a lot. I’m sure our drivers thought we were loud and obnoxious Americans, but that’s fine, because we are. Spending two whole days of travel with this group of people was surprisingly fun, I expected it to be awful.

After we reached Jibhi Camp and got situated, we took another tiny road trip to Banjar, where we chose fabrics and got measured for our Indian pant suits. Every single person I interacted with today was amazing. We’ve been here for not even one day yet, and I can already tell that the people here are extremely genuine and kind. Especially the children and the elderly.

You’d expect that such amazing people like that, living in such an amazing place like this, would only be in movies and TV shows (which is definitely what I thought), but that’s wrong. It’s so refreshing to see people who truly care about the well-being of their families, friends, and neighbors more than anything. I could not say the same for Americans, at least not all of them. The people I’ve been able to meet so far have no ulterior motive to their kindness and charity, they’re just genuinely good people. 

YMAD is an experience that I wish everybody could have, it’s so eye opening. We, as a team, have gone through a year of leadership training and preparation just for this two weeks of service, and it has changed my perspective on everything and I know that every member of Antar Bano would wholeheartedly agree with that. 

Taylor Wilkes

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