Operation Shaktimann Has Begun - Mary Schettler (sorry for the delayed post)

We are here in India !!! After almost 60 hours of traveling we have made it safely to Rampur. When I was packing my backpack for things to do while on the airplanes; particularly the 17 ½ hour flight. I was very worried I was going to be bored out of my mind for ages. That flight was the BEST FLIGHT OF MY LIFE. My family told me international flights had free movies but I thought that it was going to be like movies from the 90s but the actual movie selection options SAVED MY LIFE. I watched almost 8 movies. The next flight I slept ok because I was getting so sore trying to sleep vertical. The bus ride had the most comfortable seats so sleeping there was certainly the best thing that had happened after being in three airplanes. When we landed in India it didn’t feel real; like all the work that we have put in this past year has led to that moment. But it certainly felt real when we packed all of our lessons together and got in a taxis to our schools. After teaching my first lesson to my kids I have to say that I did an awesome job with only sleeping in an actual bed for only four hours. Plus I think the community has claimed me as their own since they have official dubbed me as Whitey.

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