The Happiest Place on Earth - Ellie Cummings

Fun fact: I’ve learned how to take a bucket shower. Pretty interesting experience. Being here helps me put my life in perspective. I feel so much more gratitude for the things I have been given — big or small. This place is simply incredible, and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Driving to our schools everyday is pretty fun, our team all crams into our car and we drive up the mountain. We have had a couple of close calls with accidents, but our driver has some fast reflexes and handles it like a champ — he doesn’t even bat an eye, its awesome. I am really going to miss our morning drive, walk, and being with my kids everyday. 


India is by far the best trip I have ever taken in my life, and I honestly don’t think that any future trip could possibly top this one. My heart is so full and the truth is, I have never been happier. I love these children with every fiber in my being. Each one of them shows the most pure and unconditional love and I have only known them four days. A few of them have given me a sort of nickname, “Ellie dede” or just “dede”; which according to our translator means “sister”. I have never felt such pure love.  The thought of leaving them breaks my heart — they inspire me to be the best Ellie that I can be. They make me smile brighter than I ever have and I laugh with more joy than I have experienced thus far. Words do not do justice of just how much I love this place and moreover the things I am doing. Teaching is a challenge, but these kids make the challenge exciting and fun. One thing that teaching English here has taught me, is this: you can overcome any challenge if you go through it with a smile and an open mind.  

Manisha is one of my girls in our school — she is so genuine and sweet. She gives the best hugs and has the sweetest little laugh and smile. I want to bring her home with me — along with the rest of my kids. I can only hope that I have become or will become as selfless and loving as she is. 

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