Shindia Happens - Hannah Wakefield

My heart is so full, full for India, full for the kids and full for our team. I could not ask for a more incredible experience. I would like to say that everything has gone smoothly but “Shindia happens”.  Not only has it kept us on our toes but its trained us in the ability to be flexible. The kids are so great and I could never put into words how much I love all of them. They are so smart and willing to learn and actually want to grasp the concepts were teaching.  Energy is running high in the kids and the teens while teaching. Truly giving 100% is amazing and exhausting all at the same time but it couldn’t be more worth it. The impact the kids are having on us and the impact were having on them is astronomical. For the schools, we plan on getting the kids new shoes and socks and water bottles. 

The food has been really good and the weather has been hot!  Sunburns are being tended to and water is being guzzled. The difference in culture is so drastic it’s amazing and so diverse. I can no longer complain about Utah drivers or bad traffic compared to basically everybody here. The view is incredible and the houses on the gigantic mountain look like they were chiseled out of its side.  Almost all houses look like they are all under construction, their bright colored houses with eccentric roofs are clearly seen from across the huge valley. The roads are about one car wide making the ability to pass only inches away.  The colors here are so vibrant and pigmented it all seems unreal that were actually here. I have now learned to appreciate a shower head seeing as a bucket shower is harder than you think, and I’m starting to miss my bed just a little bit. We’ve got our cultural exchange tomorrow or since your all 12-ish hours apart it’ll probably already have happened.  Hopefully it went great. We’ll keep you updated. 

This place is indescribable and I have truly fallen in love with India. 

Much love

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