Cows Fall on Cars Here - Summer Miller

First of all, I LOVE INDIA SO SO SO MUCH!!! I don’t ever want to leave these kids because I love them and would spend everyday teaching them if I could. That sounds a little intense, but if you ask anyone on my village team they say that I’m so funny walking down to the school because I walk so fast! It is because I want to be at the school right then and there haha… Anyways, I guess I should say I love you mom and dad and I miss you and I’m doing good. I am so happy I had the opportunity to experience this adventure here in India with all of these people that love teaching and serving as much as I do; it has truly been one of the greatest adventures of my life. It is so different here and it is cool to see such a unique and unfamiliarly culture. 

Today we went up to our school and there was a car smashed on the side of the road and our driver told us that a cow fell off of the cliff and onto the car (hence the title of this blog). Everyone was okay though, so no worries….except for the cow yikes. Kallie wants me to say hi everyone (add that to the Kallie tally). My lessons have been going really well and these kids are so smart and I am literally learning from them more than they are learning from me. They are the happiest people and are so gracious. I love them. All is well and I’ll see you soon. 

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