Come to Serve, Go to Learn - Sarah Remund

There is truly no better phrase to describe this adventure than “genuine happiness.” I have had some insanely eye opening experiences and I feel so so so blessed. I am so in love with India. The scenery is beyond compare, the culture is nothing like anything I’ve ever experienced, and the food is a little funky and makes everyone gassy (one in particular and they’re killing everyone, but it’s funny.) 

In all honesty I am so happy with this whole adventure and all the friendships i’ve made. The first day at the schools was so interesting and honestly kinda hard. The kids were sooooo nervous to talk to us and even look me in the eye and I just wanted to hug them and I wanted them to LOVE ME!! I was so tired and frustrated after but after a very motivational (and slightly terrifying) lecture by one of our INCREDIBLE leaders, Troy, I took the next day to a whole new freakin level and CRUSHED IT BABY. I connected with the kids and got them to break out of their shells (maybe a little too much) and now they’re all my little babies and I love them and I’m bringing them all home (cliche but eh), this is THE DOPEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. 

Ok so also I have this lil squad of girls that are literally all my main homies. My girls Laxmi, Kusum, Sarishti, and Sonika are the sweetest and most beautiful little bugs and they're so perfect and ugh I wanna BRING THEM HOME!!!!!! Ok but also Sarishti and Sonika are BRILLIANT and they’re all teaching me more than I’m probably teaching them. UGH I LOVE THEM. I HAVE SO MUCH LOVE IN MY HEART, I CAN’T EVEN DESCRIBE IT. 

Ok sorry this is a lame blog but we’re having tons of fun so I keep getting distracted while I’m writing this but one last little thought. The reason my title is what it is is because that quote is painted on the edge of our little school and I see it everyday and it will stick with me forever. Service holds such a special place in my heart and it aches for these kids and their situations. They are so special and they are changing my life every second that I’m with them. 

Miss you all and can’t wait to tell you more about it. And yes Dad, I got absolutely fried, I look like a cute, chubby, lil tomato but as you know, it was inevitable and we both knew it would happen. Can’t wait to see you all and hope you’re having so much fun (jk I can actually wait to see you, I freakin love India and I legit never want to come home so just meet me out here and we can live a happy life like all these adorable people.) ok ily, you're all the bomb. 

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