Kallie Tally: 22 - Serena Zollinger

So first off, don't ever go on a walk in India in Jesus sandals because it will turn out to be a hike that never ends, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. The scenery is so simple but so so pretty. You can see the stars so clearly and the sunset right now is gorgeous. I never ever ever want to leave, I could stay here loving and playing with the kids forever. These kids are actually the cutest things I have seen in my entire life. They were so shy when we first met and now I can't leave without giving at least 38 high fives and hugs. 

Today was the most bittersweet day I've had so far. The kids are getting super comfortable and therefore, super duper extra cute. We had a dance party and played games and we had so much bonding time, it was amazing. But I know that on Monday it has to end and it is not okay. I'm getting really sad so I am going to talk about Rikita instead. Rikita is probably about 5 or 6 and she has the most beautiful smile and a fairy laugh that I will miss more than anything. She interacts during my lessons so much and she has a crazy amount of energy and enthusiasm towards learning. Soniya is another girl who I have a special connection with. She is part of the oldest group and she has so much potential for her life. She is so so so smart and bright, I have so much hope for her and her life. Soniya is pretty shy but is the sweetest girl when she opens up. I could honestly talk about each and every one of our 38 children but I will spare you until I come home. 

The driving here used to scare the life out of me but now, if there is more than 3 inches between the cars I wonder why they are so far away from each other. They are insane while driving and sometimes I wonder how I am still alive and well after trips. I had to cross the street once while we were shopping in the village and I had a death grip on Kallie because I was so scared, I don't know how the people here do it. 

This could honestly go on forever and I will just conclude this real fast. Everyone knows of the trials others face, but to see and hear of the things that these 3 and 4 and 5 year olds go through is so hard, and being here to love them and support them is the best feeling in the world. We take for granted the simplest things like ice water or even relatively cold water (which I really crave right now) and having the ability to be happy in situations that others would call tragic, but that I would call simple and happy.

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