Little Rascals - Marcus Cervantez

I don’t really know where to start. I guess I’m supposed to start talking about the kids, so I will. These kids are the cutest little boys and girls in the world. There is a group of rascal boys that are at THE age. You know the age, right? The age when all the kids turn into monsters. Oh but these monsters are different and beautiful. They are so happy all time. Ashley and I were charged with giving the kids medical exams. When we asked them if they had any pain, they all became death row patients real quick. One kid had a fractured arm and one thought his throat was going to explode. They were fine of course, but oooooh these kids are trouble. I love them so much. 

There are also two twins that are polar opposites. One of the them is one of the monsters I have previously mentioned and the other is the sweetest turd ever. I’m going to die when I leave them because they crack me up and are the happiest people I’ve ever met. They are happy because they’re alive. That’s enough for them. And it should be enough for us too.

There’s also Natik. He is incredibly shy. I don’t think I’ve heard him say more than 10 words, but he’s mine and I’m his so it’s okay. He hardly makes eye contact and he’s the littlest boy you’ve ever seen. Today after we were done with lessons he jumped in my arms and every time I tried to put him down he followed me until I picked him up again. I can honestly say I haven’t ever felt this way about anything. Not my neighbor, my family, my friends. There’s something different about being here and I can’t figure it out. Maybe it’s the cold bucket showers or the cows roaming the streets. But maybe it’s the people I’m with. All the kids are incredible. All of them have potential but all them are disadvantaged. It’s killing me inside. There’s no reason I can thinkof that I get to return to the states, and they get to stay where they are. It’s unfair and it sucks. It sucks because there’s not enough that I can do. I can do my best and it will never be enough. 

I was completely unprepared for this. I thought I was prepared the same way people think they’re prepared for monumental steps in life. Like marriage or parenthood. But it’s been the best thing I’ve ever done.

Anyway, I love you Mom, Dad, Garret, Dom, Moraya, family, friends, strangers, and more.

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