Kallie Tally: 12 - Sarah Hall

Thus far in my trip I have experienced so many things that I know will change me for the better. I have been extremely grateful for my team, my leaders, the kids, the teachers, and all the people in India of whom I have come in contact with. I know of all the things that everyone could be doing instead of being in India and each and every one of them is such an inspiration to me. My team is great at being inclusive and making everyone feel comfortable. My leaders are some of the BEST people I have ever met in my whole life. All the leaders want the best for each of us. Of course I have to talk about the kids, THEY ARE SO CUTE. I have found myself immediately feeling connected to them the moment I saw them. As we walked over the hill the first thing I saw was the kids chanting the national anthem, tears filled my eyes immediately. (Thank you father for making me emotional) It is now day three of teaching and I continually get closer to these kids, walking into the school and everyday being blessed by the children touching our feet and saying ìGood morning ma’am.” I love that these kids are all so willing to learn and help me when I am struggling in my lesson. They have such bright spirits and so badly want to be loved. Anytime we walk around they want to hold any of our hands, at one point today a kid named Mohan was holding my hand and another little girl came and took his hand out of mine and put hers in, then Mohan just walked away slowly. In that moment I realized all the love that each of us but also the love that they need. I am so extremely grateful for this experience and I know that I will continue to improve for the rest of my time here. MUCH LOVE TO THE FAMILY!!!!

Amy LuntComment