A New Hope - Coleton Richmond


After about 60 hours of travel we finally arrived at the hotel in Rampur, India. Words can't describe the scenery around us as our hotel overlooks the valley and also gives us a great view of the adjacent mountain. Although the landscape is beautiful it isn't the focus of this adventure. Leading up to this trip I was preparing myself for the children of the school and had an idea of what it was like from previous humanitarian trips. But nothing could have prepared me for the little kids at our Village Team’s school, Dansa. The school is at the top of a mountain with a long windy and bumpy road leading to it and the kids walk from various locations to get to the school. When we first arrived the kids were a little bit apprehensive about getting to know us. Now after three days of being with the kids and teaching them our lessons they are warming up to us and it's hard not to fall in love with them. One specific kid has my heart and his name is Pankaj. Pankaj is a 10 year old boy who only knows memorized phrases of English but doesn't know what the memorized phrases actually mean. He is very smart and is extremely eager to learn. We quickly became friends when I was teaching his group a lesson on clothing names and functions. I had a tie as a prop and he wanted me to tie it around him and he kept it on the entire day. I am very greatful for the chance to be with these kids and provide them increased opportunities on their outlook on life. I hope to be able to continue to strengthen my relationship with the other kids at the school and provide a source of hope. One of the village leaders in another village conveyed how I want our village and children to feel. He told our country director and a team leader that the village has a “new energy” since we came around. We may be the only light in a dark hopeless future and I hope that one day one of these kids from Dansa that truly excels will look back and remember a teenager from Utah who gave that gave them hope and a renewed outlook on life.

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