Namaste - Chandler Groscost

I have officially been in India for 5 days and I have loved everything about it. I have loved every minute of it. I am never coming home. I say this a lot, but I would love to live here. This experience has been amazing. The drive to my school is the farthest of all of the schools. It’s about 50 minutes, but thankfully I have not been car sick or any type of sick so I guess that’s good 😊. I have fallen in love with all kids that I am teaching. One of the little girls Shristi is so smart she reminds me of my little sister Morgan, so cute and so bright. We went shopping in Rampur Bushahr and it was awesome. Love the view it is gorgeous; the mountains are huge!  We have had wonderful, beautiful days every day so far (hopefully I didn’t speak to soon).

Amy Lunt3 Comments