Can't Put Into Words - Rachel Walker

India is so amazing I can’t put it into words. On the other hand, getting to India is a slight nightmare. My first flying experiences were so bad. Landing and take off were no problem, fun even, but the seventeen-hour flight was intense. Really cool movie screen and remotes for games, movies, music and a flight path were there to keep us entertained. I have found I do not sleep well while flying unless I have a sleep aid. 

Once we got to India we had a lovely sixteen plus hour bus ride to our hotel in Rampur. We napped lots on the bus and planes and started day one of teaching with around two hours of sleep. 

The experience of teaching English to children speaking another language is definitely something I will never forget. The children are so eager to learn and so happy to try their hardest. The first day they were really timid but the second day they ran around holding our hands, teaching us games and dances, and just wanting us to do stuff with them. 

Some of the most amazing things I’ve noticed about Rampur are the smells and sights. The mountains here dwarf the Rocky Mountains. The roads up these mountains bring a whole new definition to hairpin turns and bumpy roads. The drivers that take us to and from the school are fearless in there driving. The sights on the drives to and from the schools are astounding! There isn’t even a valley floor just mountains going on for miles. There are rock terraces full of gardens, orchards, and the occasional house. The smells here are also very surprising, the smell of cows and campfire are the exact same, who knew. The smells at the markets are mixes of their different foods and motorcycles and cows are everywhere.

I love it here, helping the kids, learning about this amazing culture and it twists and turns. There is nothing I would change about this expedition, sleep depravation and all.

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