Tea Time - Taylor Chaffin

We made it!! After a total of 60 hours of constant traveling. We have almost taken every form of transportation; planes, trains, busses, yet sadly not an elephant. To get to the hotel, we had to take a 17 hours bus ride. The people here are CRAZY drivers! They honk all the time. Its a sign telling you where someone is, they would like to pass you, and just a friendly hello. It's so scary it is safe. Today was the first day that we taught at the schools, hiking a mile walk up a hill into the mountains. Our school is one if the smallest with 15 students. Half way through our second lesson they wanted us to take a break and eat sweet and drink coffee (Best Coffee I have ever had.) I am so happy about my choice to join this program, getting to know new people and even with the language barrier, we can still relate. I'm doing amazing and cannot believe I was chosen to be a part of this amazing program. P.s. Mom- the batteries in the spot are triple a's, so I will find some asap :) I love you all more than you will ever know! I am so grateful for the magnificent people that influence me in my life everyday.