Our Driver Has 2 Thumbs! - Kallie Green

GUYS WE ARE IN INDIA!!!!! After 6 million hours on planes and buses and running on absolutely no sleep but we are here and I already love it so much that my heart is going to burst!  Everywhere we go everyone stares at us with the most surprised looks, I love waving to them because it excites them so much its so funny! I was 2 seconds away from crying when we first got to our school, listening to the biggest cutie Indian kids sing their national anthem! And holy crap they are so smart!!! They were definitely teaching me more than I taught them and they could not stop laughing at me trying to pronounce Hindi words they would ask me to say. UGH I LOVE THEM they are so perfect with their little uniforms and nose piercings and bows in their hair!!! We have almost 40 kids at our school, which is the biggest, but they have such a tiny school with only one tiny classroom but they are all so happy and great! When we got there they greeted us with bindi (that colorful thing in the middle of their eyebrows) and colorful necklaces and grass behind our ear to represent friendship. I feel like I'm in a dream. I'm currently outside in the warmth on our balcony staring at the lights in the foothills of the mountains and all the stars and its special lol. Tay you were right about India magically making your group so close because from the second we got on the first plane we were already willing to die for each other (such an exaggeration but you get the picture) BRYSON HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BOY I LOVE YOU! Hi the rest of the fam I love you all too, I don't miss you Megan. Anyways people I'm exhausted and Im pretty sure If I keep going I will sound like a moron. Don't worry about me people I'm livin it up on the other side of the world! India is my true love that's all.
Kallie Green