First Day in India running on 2 Hours of Sleep! by Zane Jolley

Today we got to go to the schools after only getting 2 hours of sleep. We got here after our 58 hours of travel. When we got in to Singapore our AMAZING leaders lead us on a trip outside of the airport, because we had a long layover. We walked around some places and got to ride the train system. Then we got back to make it to our flight to India. When we got to India (With all of our bags) we had the 12 hour drive (Not including stops). We got to our hotel at around 2am and got to bed around 3-4am. This morning I got up to take a shower (a bucket shower), but to my surprise we had no running water… it sucked, but it was all worth it when I saw the smiles on the kids faces when they saw us. The teaching is amazing and the kids love us all even thou they were a bit shy. The mountains here make Utah look like nothing, I love the view and its unbelievable to see how they have built there homes and places right on the cliffs! 

The food is AMAZING you have no idea how good this food is I am in heaven! Theres not much else I can think to say right now so see you when I get back love you mom and dad.