All About Dabangg By Camryn Clement


All About Dabangg!


Today was all about Dabangg Requests!! We started out the meeting by dropping off our phones and taking seats next to new people. We were then taught an amazing lesson by Gardner Lang, Brooke's son who has been to India three times! In his inspirational message, he taught us to be Dabangg (bold) in all that we do, but especially fundraising. He had us do a role-play activity where we pretended to ask the most intimidating person we knew, for funds to help get us to India. This activity aimed to get us to make these Dabangg requests. After Gardner's lesson, we had snacks and mingled with the amazing teens and adults making up operation Dabangg. Next up was TED talks, which were given by Brooklyn, Emily, Gracie, and Henry. These four set the bar high for the rest of us anxiously waiting to present. When they finished, we dispersed to our teams, and discussed fundraising and social events. After coming back together, we announced upcoming events, and sang our theme song, "One Day"- a perfect end to the first of many Sunday evenings together.