Inspiration by Eric Leon

In the course of training for the trip, the YMAD team was encouraged by the topic of inspiration. This lesson pushed the team to be an inspiration to those around them by following the example of leaders such as Mother Teresa, the influential Roman-Catholic nun who taught never to be "against" anything, but to only be "for" something. Why be against war when you can be for world peace? 

This teaching is a concept that can my used in countless applications in the lives of the YMAD teens and my life personally. The simple but intrinsic teaching promotes humility and provokes compassion for the people we interact with. This skill will also help in India as we strive to help and love the kids we interact with; inspiring us to look at our situations in life and be grateful. The education on inspiration given to us was an important core value of YMAD that helps form the group into the impressive force for good it was designed to be.