Package Has Been Sent!

Raj texted a quick photo and update that Dabangg is on their way home! They have left Amritsar and will be back in the U.S. tomorrow afternoon. See you all at the airport tomorrow night!

And I'd love to add a P.S. to the last blog entry:

Allison is amazing! She is super organized and loves your teens immensely. We are incredibly grateful to have her as one of our Program Directors, as well as YMAD's Director of Education. In addition to keeping Team Dabangg on track this year, she keeps all of our teams running by scheduling all of YMAD's leadership training meetings and supplying all the education materials each teen needs to teach their lessons in India. She is invaluable! Your teens have been greatly blessed to have Allison as their leader, and lifelong friend!

Brooke is equally capable! A very caring and kind-hearted soul, she also serves on YMAD's Board of Directors. Brooke has been to Chamba 5 times now, and loves those girls at the House of Learning like her own children. She loves your teens and is a great asset to YMAD!