Boys night with a Little Bit of Packing

Boy’s night out topped with a little bit of packing!


Operation Dabangg held a pretty good guys night if I do say so myself! We all met at Hectors, which is sooo good, to eat some prime Mexican food! Me, never being there, got lost and got there 15 minutes late! But when I arrived, Eric was kind enough to buy us all dinner! After we ate at Hectors we drove to a bowling alley where we thought Sam was gonna meet us but then told us that he was walking. Since that would have taken him forever we decided to meet him at fat cats bowling alley! A game of bowling went by and it was clear that Wilson and Dallin were the pros of the group! When the second game came around Sam and Dallin requested to play One Day! In response we all jumped up and danced haha! Then the night came to an end and all of us went home!


Then the next morning we all woke up bright and early for our packing day! Packing day was a morning to remember! The boys arrived a little early to help set up and arranging 200 education kits and over 300 hygiene kits was awesome! After we were all set up, the West Bengal expedition joined us as well as all the girls! With very little rest, the girls walked in tired and ready to pack their duffels. Then with Allison’s master instruction we began packing! All the adult leaders were throwing kits to us and we were packing like maniacs! Luckily it only took us about 10 minutes for all of the duffels to get packed! To close the packing day we all ate some food and chatted about how stoked we all were to finally go to India! We now have less than two weeks till we embark on our journey and I can’t wait for one of the best experiences of my life!