Parents are Dabangg

   Parents are Dabangg


    Sunday, October 29th, the parent meeting. This meeting was very nerve racking at least for me, because it was the first time we had to perform our dance and sing in front of people that were not a part of ymad. It was terrifying, but it gave me a little taste and practice for what it will be like in India.


  At the beginning of this meeting we went over all of our values that we learned. It was cool to read them to our parents and show them what we have learned throughout the year.


  In his meeting we talked about when we would get to India, and how we would get there. We also went over the schedule of what we’re doing for the parents.


   This meeting made everything seem more and more real. Leading up to this meeting I’ve still felt like going to India was forever away. It still does not feel super real but I don’t think it will feel totally real until we get there.


    At the end of this meeting I was full of gratitude. We are a lucky group of people to have the opportunity to go to India and teach children and in turn learn about a new culture and learn so much more. I also felt so grateful that we have parents that love us, support us and care about us. We are also privileged to have learned all of these values leading up to India that we are already applying to everyday life. I am also very grateful as I’m sure everyone else is to be going to India with such an amazing group of leaders and kids that do so much for me.