I GOT BULLIED - Dallin Jenkins

Dallin’s Blog #3 - I got bullied.


I love this place more and more the longer I’m here. Everything keeps going so perfectly, it’s incredible. Saturday was the cultural exchange which was AMAZING. It was so cool to go to all the other schools and see where the other teams have been spending their time and effort, and to see the faces of the kids they can’t stop talking about. The songs and dance went pretty well too.

Sunday was way cool also. We went to Little Switzerland, which was basically a big field. They had like zorb balls to roll around in, and some other stuff but we just chilled and the YMAD girls did henna on us. It was a real fun and chill day. On the way there we stopped at a sick Sikh temple. There was a massive statue outside of it and inside we got yarn bracelets and puffy rice stuff and dots between our eyebrows. Pretty cool.

Monday was interesting. We went to the schools again, and the kids were really good and rejuvenated after the weekend, and so were we. But it was a bit bittersweet because this is our last day really teaching them lessons, because tomorrow we’re just reviewing and saying goodbye. The kids all made fun of me for the henna on my hand and called me a girl and asked who I was getting married to haha. They still insist I have a girlfriend despite my denials. We taught our emergency lessons today and I think everyone on my team felt pretty good about it. The kids loved dressing up as different careers (they all wanted to be the doctor) and they looked so cute dressed up as retro Olympus Track runners (shoutout to the team, hope you’re running well and I hope you guys wrecked in Arizona<3).

Today was our last day with the YMAD girls, which was pretty sad. We went to the YMAD house and we danced and we cried and we laughed and had a really really really good time. They all started crying as we left which was really sad to watch, but they’re so awesome and they’ll go on to do such big and great things. I love em.

We’re getting ready to leave Chamba soon, which is crazy, it’s gone by so fast. But, maybe it’s not an ending, maybe it’s a beginning