HALE YEAH - Lizzy Hale

Bitter Swee


Saturday was the day of our cultural exchange. We got to go to all of our schools and do our dance and song and watch the kids dance and sing. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. It was also super fun to dance to them and see their cute smiles. I could never get tired of their beautiful smiles. After we visited the markets in Chamba. It’s a very cool market and their is always stuff going on where ever you look. I didn’t buy anything but it was fun to just wander around with people and look at everything.


Little Switzerland is nothing like Switzerland but it was still way fun. We got to roll down a “hill”, which was really just people pushing us, and it was hilarious. We also got to hold bunny’s and just chill with the YMAD girls and do henna it was way nice. I also got to read letters from home today it made me very happy thanks Mom and dad.


Today was sweet. My kids listened to me, and like I think I’ve all ready said they are getting the lessons and remembering and it feels sooo good. I’m really warming up to the kids and it’s going to be impossible to say goodbye to them tomorrow. We also got to give our kids the sweaters, shoes, socks, and a water tank today and we will be giving them hygiene kits and school supplies tomorrow. It feels awesome to give them lessons and all the supplies they are so grateful and all ready so happy about everything.

    Today was bitter because we had to say goodbye to the YMAD girls. There were lots of tears and hugs I’ll miss those cute girls.

Thank you to all the people that helped me get to India! To my parents for their unconditional support and help, to all the people who donated and helped me fundraise, and to my friends for all of their support, thank you all a million times!!

P.S. maisyn you’re letter made me bawl of happiness and I don’t understand how I get so lucky with the friends I have.