Well this is my last report from India. Tomorrow is our last day at the school with the children. Today was bitter sweet, the teens were able to deliver sweaters and shoes for the children. I was speechless as I watched your teens’ hard work come to fruition. It meant so much more because everything that they were able to do for the school and the children is a direct result of their fundraising and hours of preparation. Here is a run down of the items that the green team was able to provide to the children of Ludrera: New wool sweaters, new school shoes, 2 pair of new socks per child, Every child received a school supply kit, a hygiene kit, We provided a water source to the kitchen and a new teacher’s desk, chairs, and a wall mirror. One of the highlights of our time here at Ludrera is the wall mural that we painted, complete with the children’s hand prints as leaves of a tree, and the teacher’s hand prints are the petals of the flowers. The teens chose a quote to paint on the mural; “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day . . . teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime”.  That quote sums up our purpose and our wish for these beautiful children. Our time here has been well spent, your teens have excelled! Today we also had to say goodbye to the 10 girls that are being housed at the YMAD house and that was a very hard thing to do. Tomorrow will be very difficult for the teens because they will have to say good bye to the children in the schools, your teens will be leaving a small part of their heart here in India. One final shout out to the parents of Madisen, Sam, Lizzy, Sophie, Henry and Francesca - they are the cream of the crop! I have truly enjoyed working with them.