Endings - Dani Krebs

I am really really in need of something. More time. I don’t want to say goodbye to my school kids tomorrow. This morning I woke up early, just thinking about my school kids and how much I would cherish the gift of more time.  I already said goodbye to the wonderful YMAD girls. I will miss Priya and Divyanshi. I think it is funny that all the YMAD girls love the song “Despacito”. 

    I’ve got some wonderful henna done by the student teachers at my school. They did it during lunch. They are super talented at it. Apparently, some of them went to a beauty school or something and they learned how to do it. 

    Priya braided my hair today and it is GORGEOUS. 

    I’ve learned a lot from my kids and from the people of India. India is a very beautiful place. For you to get an idea, just imagine Utah’s beauty and magnify and exaggerate everything about it, and that place exists. HUMOROUS mountains that seem to have no bottom or top. Endless mountains, an endless river, and happy moments that have no end. 

    I don’t mind the food. I’m really proud of myself! Others really don’t prefer the food here. SO! I’m very very very proud that I’ve grown out of being a picky eater. Everyone relies on Nutella here. I think it’s funny. I LOVE LOVE LOVE NAAN!!!!!!!! If you don’t know what it is, look it up, find out where to get some, go get some, and get some extra for me when I get back. D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S!!!!

    Yesterday, we went to this temple and it was very beautiful. Then, we went to “Little Switzerland”. It was a really cool place. I got to do “Orbing”. It was 200 rupees which was basically about $3 US Dollars and some change. It was a BLAST. I would do it again. Very fun. After we got lunch, and it was so good! It took longer than expected to arrive, but it was really worth the wait. They even made us fries! AWESOME! It was really nice of them and the food was great great great! 

    Blue team is a really fun group. Eric is my leader and he’s pretty funny. Today, I had to give my emergency lesson and it was a struggle. I definitely wasn’t as prepared with this lesson. I also think it was a struggle because my kids were a bit restless. HOWEVER! I survived so, that’s good.